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"Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions." ~Oliver Wndell Holmes

How "Tarot for Today" Works

Pure and simply defined, the tarot is about reading energy. But energy, like truth, is rarely pure and never simple. It isn't about changing the exisiting energy, or even waiting it out, because your actions in dealing with what is happening in the here and now will most certainly dictate future events.

The majority of tarot books and interpretations are very similar: Present the card with its traditional and esoteric interpretation. "Tarot for Today" takes it just a bit further in practical application. It doesn't seem much use just to acquire information without some idea of what to do with it.

Most importantly, rather than focusing primarily on the future, this book is rather insistent upon remaining in the present. Often called "The Fool's Journey," the tarot may cast glimpses or flashes of future events, but the real genius of the cards is the ability to keep the reader centered in the present. That way, if/ when events foreseen come to pass, by considering these occurrences in context, the understanding of how best to deal with whatever will already be in place. Take a look at "The Fools Journey" to get a better overview of how the cards work.

“Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas." ~Marie Curie

WHO is the book for?
Anyone with questions about life, love and relationships of every kind. The universal principles outlined in this book make prior metaphysical knowledge unnecessary. Simply approach the text and principles with an open mind.

WHAT does Tarot do?
The primary purpose of the tarot is to help define the different and constantly changing energies with suggested courses of action.

WHEN & WHY is this book helpful?
Generally, people turn to alternative religions, philosophies or metaphysical teachings to get a better understanding of their lives. This occurs when the usual way of dealing with problems no longer works. It really doesn't matter what propels the seeker onward. When the call is heard, the only choice is to follow. The path one chooses is always a singular one and often when a person is in a group of dissimilar souls, that isolation is most keenly felt. This book provides the reader with universal principles and how to practice them in daily life. All without having to belong to any group or club, this is a book for individuals who see themselves as solitary members in the
Congregation of Common Sense.

HOW does it work?
Synchronistic events in the form of energy patterns are displayed in the sequence of the card(s) chosen. Either singly or in a spread, each card carries signature energy and is quite complete within itself. Rather than simply giving the traditional meanings to the cards, each card has two quotations/ axioms that define the energy of that particular card. One quote leads into the card's energy, the final quote sums up and exits the energy. General quotations and axioms are an excellent way to directly connect to the cards.

Have a look at the "Tarot for Today" approach to both the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana cards and see the difference.

"The use of our intelligence quite properly gives us pleasure. . .
When we think well, we feel good. Understanding is a kind of ecstasy."

~Carl Sagan

This web site, book, and tarot reading is not a substitute for medical, psychological, financial or legal counseling. The information supplied in a reading is not legally binding, nor can I assume legal liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of any client decisions, subsequent to, or based on, my book or readings. No refunds on products or services

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