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"Awake, thou wintry earth -
Fling off thy sadness!
Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth
Your ancient gladness!"
English Rhyme
March 2018
March Mysteries

March is the month of many moods, but one with unquestionable optimism as we count down the days until the shift to the light half of the year. Beginning with winds and wild weather, by month's end the smell of spring will be in the air and the great out-of-doors will again beckon.

The month of March is sacred to the Roman God Mars, the equivalent of the Greek Aries, the traditional sky god of Central and Northern Europe. After Jupiter, Mars was the chief Roman God, often known as Marspater, or Father Mars. Although worhsipped as a god of war, he was also the protector of agriculture. The Anglo-Saxon name of this month was Hrethmonath, "Hertha's Month," commemorating the Earth Mother Goddess Hertha or Nerthus. Containing the Vernal Equinox, also called Alban Elir and Ostara, March is a month of renewal.

"The word 'equinox' simply means 'of equal length' and refers to the twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness at this point in the year. . . The word 'Vernal' . . . is derived from the Latin word vernus meaning 'of spring'."
~Carole Carlton, Mrs Darley's Pagan Whispers

The Full Moon of this month is called the Worm or Sap Moon and it is the Celtic tree month of Nuin, or ash. The colors of the month are crimson and pale green. The flower is the daffodil or jonquil and the birthstones are the bloodstone and aquamarine.

March 1, is the Roman women's festival of Matronalia, sacred to the goddess Juna Lucina, protector of women and the family.Temple fires were lit welcoming new growth to the earth. March 1 is also the beginning of the old Celtic New Year, when after her winter's rest, the earth is renewed. March 2, is the First Festival of Vesta, when on this day, old branches were removed from the altars and new fire was kindled. In Ireland March 2 was the Feast of Rhiannon, the Muse and White Goddess; burn a purple candle today for inspiration. March
, is the old English "Mothering Day," a custom where you visited your mother on mid-Lent Sunday, traditionally bringing a loaf of bread.

March 5, was the Celebration of Isis, that extended throughout much of Africa, Asia and Europe. In an inscription on some ruins in Hungary are the words: "I am she who binds hearts together," along with the Egyptian image of Isis. Whether it is Isis and Horus or Mary and Jesus, this demonstrates the fundamental bond of humanity build on the rock that is the mother and child. Isis is also the ruler of safe navigation and inventor of the sail; she is celebrated on her ship, symbolizing our journey through life. Meditate on what you wish to manifest this year, light candles and cast flowers on waters for good luck.

The Many Faces of Isis

March 7, was a festival day observed by the Romans in honor of the goddess Juno; this entailed a procession of 27 girls dressed in long robes accompanying a carved cypress wood image of the goddess. March 12, commemorates the martyrdom of Hypatia, also known as "the Divine Pagan." Born in 370 C.E., she was Dean of the Neoplatonic School of Alexandria, a famed philosopher and mathematician, murdered by a Christian death squad.

March 15, also known as the "Ides of March" is a date made famous by the murder of Julius Caesar in 44 BCE. It is also a holy day of Rhea, Greek Earth Goddess and mother of Zeus, another aspect of the Great Mother. Traditionally, river sprites or nymphs are acknowledged on the Ides of March. In Anatolia, March 15 was the Holiday of Cybele whose son Attis is returning from the dead, or a renewal of life that arrives with the Spring. March 17, was the Canaanite Festival of Astarte, a day sacred for the coming together of male and female principles in the ancient Near East. Eggs were colored red to symbolize Astarte and is the origin of the modern "Easter Egg." March 19, was the Greek Feast of Athena, one of the biggest social events in Greece, lasting for five days.

"A man acquainted with history may, in some respect, be said to have lived from the beginning of the world, and to have been making continual additions to his stock of knowledge in every century." ~David Hume

The Vernal, or Spring Equinox on March 20-21, marks the entry into the light half of the year, when the Earth Mother Demeter, celebrates the return of her daughter Kore from the underworld. On this day, Spring returns, rebirth, the Earth, and our own lives rise in triumph. March 30, is the German Feast of Eostara, the German Goddess of Rebirth. Hers are the first signs of Spring - the colorful Easter Eggs, the bunnies - all the fertility symbols. Eostara is the Goddess whose festival is the Spring Equinox, and whose name is given to the Anglicized Easter. March 31, is the Roman Feast of the Moon Goddess Luna, whose temple on the Aventine was the focus of worship on this day

Equinox Dagger Chaco Canyon NM
Stonehenge, England
Equinox Dagger Newgrange Ireland

With the March winds drying up the floods of February, the new year is materializing in earnest. The March Message is to grow, to prosper and to explore. Allow the winds of March to clear away stagnant patterns that have locked you into a self defeating situation. Allow your mind to soar with far reaching dreams and new ideas.

"Let your mind start a journey thru a strange new world...
Let your soul take you where you long to be...
Close your eyes and let your spirit start to soar,
and you'll live as never before."

~Erich Fromm


Author Biography

L.J. Ross is a 35 year veteran of the medical profession, with over 35 years as an active participant in tarot reading and interpretation. The Tarot for Today Workbook is the end result in a 10 year process of reading, teaching and giving workshops using this text. Member of the American Tarot Association.


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